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I worked at UPS for 30 years. Towards the end of my first career, I wanted to do something besides playing golf and fishing all the time, (although I really like these two activities). I also loved to cook, so I decided to go to culinary school and became a chef.

BBQ Sauces and Rub

I officially started Chef Phil’s BBQ Sauce Company around two and a half years ago. I have been making BBQ sauce for probably 15 years now, but just recently perfected it into the sauce it is today. I started with a Mild sauce then moved into the Datil Pepper sauce. I eventually thought coffee would add a unique dimension to my Datil Pepper sauce, so I made my Espresso Datil Pepper BBQ Sauce. All are good and unique, due to the Datil Peppers, which are indigenous to St. Augustine. It is believed these peppers were brought here by the Minorcians, who were slaves back in the 1700’s. Datils are a great little pepper that makes a very unique tasting BBQ sauce. As a result of the success of the sauces mentioned above, I now make a Datil Pepper Rump Rub and a Mango/Apple Datil Pepper Hot Sauce. I am truly blessed that so many people like my BBQ sauces and rub that it gives me a great since of accomplishment. Knowing that people genuinely like something that I made is the best part about my company. That is why I became a chef and make my Chef Phil’s Badass BBQ Sauce.

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